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Welcome to Rocky Mtn Mushroom Co!

We are glad you're here, and we hope to help you to get to know our Fungi friends better, and even possibly inspire you to incorporate them into your life more fully and joyfully!

This is a place you will find lots of Fungi information and inspiration, and join in the mushroom revolution! 

Because they have been on this planet longer than we have, and have figured out how to live symbiotically with all its surroundings. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from them!

About us


We are a passionate team that brings forward a diverse palate of reasons to eat mushrooms. Why? Because they taste good, and they are ridiculously healthy for you! We are a chef and a holistic herbal enthusiast that are passionate in our industries, but have always struggled with getting access to quality healthy ingredients, except for when we grew our own. So we decided to do just that, grow our own, and provide our community with a variety of gourmet functional mushrooms that could be counted on to deliver the punch of flavors and packed with all the nourishment you need. Mushrooms in the past few years have emerged from their underworld and taken the stage, but there still is a large gap in the education of what mushrooms bring to the table for us mere humans. We are committed to bringing these beauties to light and let their fantastic fungi qualities show off. They are not only a culinary treat, but a full fledged super food. One that has been around since, well the beginning of life on earth. They are mysterious, delicious, and closer related to animals than plants. It’s about time we pay closer attention to our fine Fungi friends, because hey, we share 50% of the same DNA, and they have been on this planet a lot longer than we have, maybe we can learn a thing or two from them! 

About Us

Meet our mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom General: Oyster mushrooms are definite show stoppers. As you gaze at them, you find yourself drawn to their elegant beauty and fascinating colors. These mysterious beauties will not only delight your palate, but your overall health. They are commonly used in many dishes, and each variety has a it’s own unique flavor profile. Many people who have said that they don’t like mushrooms (often because of the texture), suddenly discover that they love oyster mushrooms, and become regular customers.


Oyster Mushrooms have a huge array of health benefits, and being such an available mushroom species, incorporating this one into your diet is easy to do! See each species' unique flavor profile below, and check out their incredible ability to help humans balance their overall health. 


Pleurotus Salmoneostramineus

^Pink (Flamingo) Oyster

This stunning Flamingo Oyster will be sure to catch your eye. It will dazzle your senses with it’s brilliant shade of pink, alluring curves and intricate textures! This beauty is a native to the tropics, a mushroom that resembles the flavor of seafood. It’s pink color fades when exposed to heat, and has a pungent flavor, also known for tasting like bacon if cooked right! It’s a playful ingredient in the kitchen, working well with curries, pasta dishes, pizzas, tacos and much more. Tip: fry it as one would bacon, where it has similar crisp and a slightly smokey or earthy flavor. Due to their meaty texture, they require thorough cooking (around 20 minutes), and their bacon or ham type flavor intensifies the longer they are cooked.


Agrocybe Aegerita


Chestnut mushrooms are incredibly versatile, and with their array of health benefits and complex nutrient profile, they are a fun and easy way to bring flavor and wellbeing into your daily life. When you gaze upon their velvety brown caps, you can’t help but wonder how they would taste and feel in your mouth. They have an almost “Alice in Wonderland” quality to them, as they have the most perfect cap and stem that sparks imagination, wonder and amazement. 


They have an amazing nutty flavor retaining a slightly crunchy texture after cooking, and can be served raw or cooked. They are related to the brown button mushroom we commonly see in grocery stores, which makes them very versatile. They can be included in salads, pasta dishes, sauces, quiches, casseroles, soups, omelettes, but are absolutely wonderful just sauteed. 

Lions Mane

Hericium Erinaceus

^Lions Mane

-Lion's mane is absolute eye candy! With it’s white globe shape and shaggy like appearance, it’s sure to draw in a crowd. These mushrooms are tender and chewy with a mild, sweet, seafood flavor reminiscent of scallops, lobster, or crab. It is an incredible and versatile saprophyte, once reserved for the palates of royal families, because of its delectable seafood-like flavor and unique medicinal properties. Lion’s Mane incredible medicinal properties are due to two families of compounds that it produces (along with several others), the erinacines and hericenones. It’s strong antibacterial activity helps stimulate the generation of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), also known as Neurogenesis. This is a truly amazing gift from nature, as it’s potential to help with a wider array of ailments humans face these days. This mushroom will delight your culinary creations, and truly increase your wellbeing through it’s many functional qualities. 

This is just the beginning, there is LOTS more to come! We will be adding content to get to know our Fungi friends better, and ways to incorporate them into our daily lives. We will be adding Rocky Mtn Mushroom Co special recipes made by Chef Mykel weekly, so keep visiting us for more ways to inspire your meals and learn to love the different ways mushrooms can delight your palate!

Keep in touch and drop us a line if you have any questions or visit us on our Instagram and Facebook to keep us inspired with how much you love mushrooms!



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