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Agrocybe Aegerita


Chestnut mushrooms are incredibly versatile, and with their array of health benefits and complex nutrient profile, they are a fun and easy way to bring flavor and wellbeing into your daily life. When you gaze upon their velvety brown caps, you can’t help but wonder how they would taste and feel in your mouth. They have an almost “Alice in Wonderland” quality to them, as they have the most perfect cap and stem that sparks imagination, wonder and amazement.


They have an amazing nutty flavor retaining a slightly crunchy texture after cooking, and can be served raw or cooked. They are related to the brown button mushroom we commonly see in grocery stores, which makes them very versatile. They can be included in salads, pasta dishes, sauces, quiches, casseroles, soups, omelettes, but are absolutely wonderful just sauteed.


Functional qualities of Chestnut Mushrooms:


  • Brain health

  • Antifungal properties

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Antioxidant properties

  • Inflammation reducing properties

  • Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties

  • Immune support

  • Cholesterol reduction

  • Bone Health

  • Anti-Aging support

  • Vital Organ health

  • Daily Vitamin and Mineral support

  • Chestnut mushrooms are saprotrophs and are good for your cells and blood health and support your immune system. They have recently been discovered to contain glutathione and ergothioneine, two potential anti-aging antioxidants. 


  • Traditionally, the Chinese used the Agrocybe Aegerita for the wellbeing of the stomach. It also ensured that the spleen was well nourished, and kept the kidneys working properly.


  • This mushroom is also recognised in present day science as having anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibiotic and anti-tumour properties. It is said to contain compounds with prohibitive properties against the Cyclooxygenaseenzyme also known as COX. COX is a common target for anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol etc, making this mushroom a huge ally in reducing overall inflammation and pain in the body.


  • The Chestnut Mushroom is valuable in the provision of bioactive secondary metabolites. These metabolites include Cylindan which have anti-cancer properties, Agrocybenine with antifungal properties, and Indole derivatives which are able to hunt down free radicals. 


  • Its antiseptic properties also help keep the body free of infection, and able to fight against cancer through its natural properties. These antioxidants also suppress the absorption of cholesterol. By inhibiting the production of the enzymes Aromatase and 5 alpha reductase, these antioxidants prevent prostate and breast cancer. It also is hailed as being able to slow down the effects of osteoporosis.


Chestnut mushrooms contain at least 8% each of your daily recommended amount of important nutrients, making these a wonderful addition to your diet and overall health.

Nutritional profile:

  • Riboflavin

  • Copper

  • Selenium

  • Potassium

  • B Vitamins

  • Folic acid (folate)

  • Niacin

  • Biotin

  • Pantothenic acid (B5)

  • Fiber

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