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Meet our mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom General: Oyster mushrooms are definite show stoppers. As you gaze at them, you find yourself drawn to their elegant beauty and fascinating colors. These mysterious beauties will not only delight your palate, but your overall health. They are commonly used in many dishes, and each variety has a it’s own unique flavor profile. Many people who have said that they don’t like mushrooms (often because of the texture), suddenly discover that they love oyster mushrooms, and become regular customers.


Oyster Mushrooms have a huge array of health benefits, and being such an available mushroom species, incorporating this one into your diet is easy to do! See each species' unique flavor profile below, and check out their incredible ability to help humans balance their overall health. 


Some interesting facts about Oyster Mushrooms, they are Saprotrophs, pulling their nutrients from decaying biological matter, meaning they are nature's clean up committee (They also are sometimes known to be carnivorous, because some of the microorganisms they ingest are living organisms. How cool is that!). But they also take those nutrients and turn them into the perfect super food for us humans, talk about regenerative and recycling, this is the ultimate form of it. They are so powerful at this task that they have been used in a specific type of clean up that is called Mycoremediation, which is the process of growing mushrooms to clean regions of the earth that may be overrun with toxins. Oyster mushrooms have been shown to clean soil of crude oil after oil spills, PCP (a wood preservative), wastewater, and pesticide-contaminated wastes. The mushrooms not only degrade the pollutants in the soil or water, but they also mineralize the pollutant so that it will return to the air as ammonia, carbon dioxide, chlorine, and water. 


Check out how these beauties can improve overall health and wellbeing: 


To start with, we need to mention that the research and studies have not been very specific with each variety of Oyster Mushrooms to identify if they have their own unique medicinal (functional) qualities, but they at least imply that all oyster mushrooms have similar chemical constituents and similar medicinal potential. These health benefits have an impressive nutritional profile that have both antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Functional qualities of Oyster Mushrooms:

  • Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties

  • Immune support

  • Cholesterol reduction

  • Hypertension treatment

  • Vascular health support

  • Brain health

  • Antiviral properties

  • Antibacterial properties

  • Antioxidant properties

  • Inflammation reducing properties

  • Arthritis treatment

  • Oyster mushrooms have been scientifically validated to boost the immune system and fight infection and inflammation. Studies show oyster mushrooms significantly stimulate neutrophil adherence, phagocytosis and the “killing ability.” This is a major mechanism for a healthy immune system. 

  • Their Anti-cancer properties derive from a unique compound found in Fungi specifically called beta-glucans as well as other antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help target precursors to cancers and tumors allowing 

  • Oyster mushrooms have been shown to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. According to a test-tube study published in Nutrition Journal, oyster mushrooms were able to reduce the secretion of multiple markers of inflammation in the body. This could have far-reaching benefits, as decreasing inflammation may help provide relief from many inflammatory conditions ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to inflammatory bowel disease and so on.

  • Due to its strong anti-fungal properties certain mushrooms have evolved to produce the compound Lovastatin which has also been found to lower cholesterol levels within humans. Nowadays, versions of this natural compound are collectively called “statins” and commonly prescribed to those at risk of heart disease.

  • Oyster mushrooms are rich in many of the nutrients believed to enhance brain function. Niacin, for instance, has been shown to protect against Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline in older adults in clinical research. In  2014 a review out of Belgium suggested that riboflavin supplementation may have therapeutic effects against Brown’s syndrome, a type of motor neuron disorder.

  • Oyster mushrooms are primarily made up of protein and complex carbohydrates and are one of the best sources of ergothioneine, a unique antioxidant found only in fungi. Ergothioneine has been shown to help fight chronic inflammation and may prevent the build-up of plaque in the arteries, which leads to cardiovascular disease.

Oyster mushrooms contain at least 8% each of your daily recommended amount of important nutrients, making it a powerful ally in your health and wellbeing.

Nutritional profile:

  • Riboflavin

  • Iron

  • Zinc

  • Niacin

  • Phosphorus and Selenium

  • Potassium

  • Vitamin B6

  • B Vitamins

  • Folic acid (folate)

  • Magnesium

  • Vitamin C and D

  • Pantothenic acid

  • Amino acids (protein)

  • Fiber

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