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Pleurotus Salmoneostramineus

^Pink (Flamingo) Oyster

This stunning Flamingo Oyster will be sure to catch your eye. It will dazzle your senses with it’s brilliant shade of pink, alluring curves and intricate textures! This beauty is a native to the tropics, a mushroom that resembles the flavor of seafood. It’s pink color fades when exposed to heat, and has a pungent flavor, also known for tasting like bacon if cooked right! It’s a playful ingredient in the kitchen, working well with curries, pasta dishes, pizzas, tacos and much more. Tip: fry it as one would bacon, where it has similar crisp and a slightly smokey or earthy flavor. Due to their meaty texture, they require thorough cooking (around 20 minutes), and their bacon or ham type flavor intensifies the longer they are cooked.

Pleurotus Citrinopileatus

^Yellow Oyster

One of the most beautiful oyster species, they resemble a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers, smell like fresh watermelon, and taste like roasted cashews when you saute them in oil. Golden oyster mushrooms can be sliced and cooked in soups, mixed into sauces, sautéed and served over steak, cooked into omelets, sprinkled over pizza, or cooked and served on toast. They can also be stir-fried with other vegetables, baked in a tart, or sautéed until crispy and then crumbled to create a mock buttery, bacon bits. These mushrooms are extremely versatile and can act as a substitute for any other mushrooms in many different recipes. 


Pleurotus Ostreatus

^Blue Oyster

The Blue Oyster is a beautiful mushroom with a grey/blue color and wonderful meaty texture with a sweet but complex flavor, yet it’s still mild on the palate. The blue color quickly fades into a light steel-blue, grey color when it matures. Like all oyster mushrooms, it is high in protein and known for its antiviral properties, so it is a great mushroom to eat and toss into a soup during the colder months. It's also wonderful sautéed, grilled, or fried as a side dish or even the main course! .

Pleurotus Ostreatus Hybrid

^Black Pearl

Since different species of mushrooms provide different health benefits, imagine the power of a hybrid mushroom that combines two great types into one nutritious and tasty treat. That’s the case with the Black Pearl mushroom, a hybrid fungus that brings together two types of species, the European and Asian Pleurotus ostreatus, also known as the People’s King Oyster. The flavor is described as earthy, as they possess a savory or umami taste (umami being one of the five basic tastes). That savoriness makes them ideal for broths or meat dishes, or as a meat substitute. 


Pleurotus Eunosmus/Ostreatus


Tarragon is a delicious and very rare oyster mushroom. With a distinctive trumpet shaped cap, as its name suggests, it’s smell and taste resembles the herb tarragon making it probably the finest and richest tasting oyster there is! This tasty mushroom smells slightly like anise and has a marbling of light grey on white with a single mushroom per stem, unlike its other family members that typically share stems in clusters. 

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